Anyone wanna test their faith ?
- @KrystVega

This is what the media knows about the minds of the sheeple !
- @krystvega

As Above, So Below
- @krystvega

I encourage everyone to read this book and/or watch this documentary . “The Secret”
- @krystvega

Vaccines are poison and they give you different ones based on “race” . stay away from that shit.. Its also linked to homosexuality but hey go look it up for yourself .
- @krystvega aka HUHI

I aint been posting shit for a while now so im about to flood my blog with Knowledge today ! Enjoy! I also got a lot to tell yall . a lot of BIG changes coming.

HUHI aka @KrystVega

Thanks Black Panthers ✊✊

I saw your post on The statue of African Renaissance (btw it's beautiful in person) but I just wanted to say that it's actually a lot smaller than the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty! It's only like 50m high :

Thanks for letting me know. I updated the post !