Four Twenty .

Yes i’m going to smoke alot of marijuana today but I still must put out the REAL.

4/20 has nothing to do with Bob Marley because he was not born on that date, nor did he die that date.

In fact, the person who was actually born on 4/20 is adolf hitler, which is easily one of the most evil human beings known to date.

Go look it up, think for yourself

- Kryst Vega

Is it true you can smoke weed to elevate spiritual consciousness?

Weed opens you Pineal Gland(3rd Eye Chakra) and causes you to experience things on a higher frequency.  It helps you see things from more of a spiritual aspect rather than physical so you understand the deeper meanings behind life’s situations; causing inner peace :). Weed effects the way you experience music because you can see/hear the many dimensions and/or layers in the song. Food is better because you enjoying it on a higher dimension. You might even come to many epiphanies or realizations while smoking because your taping a higher frequency realm. This does not mean it elevates your spiritual consciousness, but it can assist you on your journey. Smoking too much weed can cause your 3rd eye to be over active and it will imbalance your chakras because one is open way too much. also I love loud weed but if it don’t have seeds, its not completely natural. alot of the “hi grade” weed that’s popular now is hybrid so it has chemicals in them that are genetically modified and that’s not good for your system. you must be conscious of what you are smoking but you should never depend on weed to elevate your spiritual consciousness because it is just a stepping stone. 

If you really want to elevate your spiritual consciousness, you have to detach from the ways of this system , detoxify your body and decalcify your pineal gland. Meditate and eat foods from the earth, drink lots of water and spend alot of time in nature & the sun.

This Video by Makalesi can help you innerstand more about Marijuana & Spirituality:

Happy 4:20 . Hotep

- Kryst Vega

13 Realms

Lol I eat food for my Sou thou .

- Kryst Vega

Power .

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